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Big Sky was selected as a top 5 finalist for The National Indie Excellence Book Awards in the Religion Fiction category.

Reviewed by John E. Roper of The US Review of Books

"Ryan was young and strong; he had everything to live for. Deborah promised herself she would accept whatever God felt was necessary to deal with Ryan (and Neal)."

Life rarely seems to take a straight path. It is filled with mountains and valleys, twists and turns, wins and losses. This is often most poignantly felt in our relationships with others, and in the darker times such as when a spouse has died it can sometimes become extremely difficult to see any hope in the future. But life also frequently comes with fresh opportunities even when we least expect them. This theme flows through more than one relationship in Pagano's romantic and inspirational tale of both second chances and unforeseen possibilities for love.

Deborah Miller, a widowed survivor of a lukewarm marriage, is not looking for love when she heads to Montana to research her new book, nor is Will Dougherty expecting to ever love again as he returns to the special place he used to enjoy with his wife before she died. Yet God's ways are not always our ways, and not only are Will and Deborah thrown into each other's lives at Lone Mountain, they also discover, somewhat belatedly, that they used to be best friends who had dated in high school. After some initial shock and questioning they realize that God has brought them together, but how will their families react to the news? What neither one suspect is that God will carry both families through tragedy to unite them in ways closer than anyone could anticipate.

Pagano's novel resonates with the faith that God is in control of our lives, even when there are hardships and misunderstandings. With a plot and subplots that should appeal to any romantic soul, Pagano's book makes for a quick and enjoyable read.
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By Judy Weldon
“Big Sky” is truly a page turner. I almost finished it in one sitting. You really have a gift with writing. Big Sky was so enjoyable and I really liked the characters. I felt as if I knew them all and was taken in by their problems and was relieved when it all worked out in the end. From the start I felt it would make an excellent movie.
(Judy is an internationally known song writer and a member of Northeast Georgia Writers)

By Jo Reynolds
I wanted to write you a note telling you how much I enjoyed your book. Let me know when the next one is coming! I hope it gets made into a Hallmark movie.

By Cathy Clark Hickling
You don't have to be a mature widow to enjoy this fast-paced, grace-filled story, but it certainly helped me to immediately relate to the protagonist, Deborah Miller. An author, Deborah is in Montana, away from the bustle of "normal" life, needing to work on her latest project. At the rustic resort where she's staying, she runs into her high school flame, a widower. The plot flies forward as the couple catch up and navigate untested waters. I appreciate the reality of their struggles -- they do not pick up where they left off as teenagers. The road is full of bumps, unforeseen twists, new challenges, and old baggage. But beautifully woven into the drama is God's amazing grace and love that covers multitude of mistakes making Big Sky a wonderfully inspiring and redemptive book. Read it!

By Kathi
I've read the book and have recommended it to our book club.

Reviewed by Diane Donovan, Editor/Reviewer Donovan's Literary Services for Midwest Book Review

Big Sky: A Story of Faith and Forgiveness tells the story of author Deborah Miller, who traveled to Montana to research her latest novel and unexpectedly found her first love in loner, Will. When that love ends in tragedy and ongoing challenges part them, her life is forever changed.

Big Sky, however, is not a romance so much as a novel of faith and God: this is evident in passages filled with references to God's intervention in the face of tragedy and protagonist entreaties for guidance and help in the process of facing life. So if it's purely romance that is desired, move on: Big Sky is so much more, despite its relationship focus, and considers a relationship with God as much as those between people.

Now, to call it a 'religious story' also isn't quite correct: Deborah doesn't look to God to guide on her everything; she tends to be proactive as well as faithful, and her course in life brings her a renewed sense of purpose as well as a changed feel for new priorities and purposes in living.

This blend of spiritual and psychological romance makes for a novel that promises more depth than most. It builds a story not just around two people and their interactions, but upon the physical and spiritual facets of their decisions.

Reunions, torn emotions, weddings, and reflective writings all join in a saga exploring self and greater questions; especially recommended for spirituality readers who seek more than a touch of the divine in their stories.

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By Cheree
A Must Read!!! I am already looking forward to reading more about each character that was introduced in Big Sky. The story was several stories rolled into one. Very enjoyable reading. I encourage others to purchase this book.

By Esther

I got your book Big Sky at the Georgia Ladies Conference and I read it in two days. I don't read alot but I really loved this book. If you have more books or if you write more please let me know because I really enjoyed your writing. It was very uplifting to remind me nothing is impossible with the Lord!

By Ginger
Hey! Just finished reading your book! Fabulous!! Love you!

By Iris
Wonderful heartwarming story, reinforcing God's love for his children! A fast read with lots of twists! Recommended reading for young and old! Will delight all ages. Enjoyed from beginning to end.

By Dana
A quick read, a great story, and a sweet romance involving faith, values, and strong family ties.

By Cindy
You are in my favorites file now, Connie; I will have to wait until your Gainesville Book signing to get my book (autographed of course!)

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